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Technology Tips

Insurance for Student Chromebooks

You NEED it!

You are able to purchase insurance for just $22 through our school store on Infinite Campus to protect your student from incurring damage fees during the upcoming school year. Typical damages cost on average $25.50, excluding the more significant damage costs that range from $150 - $260. 

Chromebook insurance for the 2024-2025 school year will be available August 1, 2024! Please visit the Infinite Campus School Store to purchase this insurance.

Tech Help & Device Requests

Experiencing an IT Problem? Our team is available to assist our parents & students! 

Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


  • Please submit ONE request per issue. Submitting multiple requests for the same issue will result in a longer wait time. Our team is working as quickly as they can to resolve all requests in a timely manner, but we ask you be patient with us. Requests may take a few days to resolve.
  •  Requests that are received after 2:30pm will be responded to the following day by the IT department. Please copy classroom teachers and/or building principals on messages that may affect assignment deadlines for that day.
  • Internet access for all devices will be given out by individual buildings to students. Students who bring their own devices will be instructed by their building staff on how to connect to the building's internet.
  • Submit a request using the form below or email

IT Parent and Student Support Form

A reminder to parents and students regarding the IT Help Desk:

  • Answers to common IT problems can be found on our Basic Troubleshooting Guide.
  • A collection of tutorial videos for navigating Google Classroom and Clever for our parents and students to review are available on the Virtual Learning Resources Page
  • Our IT Help Team is working quickly to resolve many issues you may be experiencing. Thank you for your patience as the team works through the requests.


Setting and Changing Student Passwords by Grade Level

K-5 Students will have a password set for them that uses their personal information in a pre-determined format to make remembering the password easier. Information used may include letters or numbers from their legal name and birthdate. Students may ask their homeroom teachers for help if they forget their password.

Beginning in 6th Grade, students will be able to manage their own passwords. They will initially login using their student email as the username and a pre-set password. After the initial login, the student will be prompted to change their password using these password requirements:

  • A minimum of 8 characters in length
  • At least one uppercase character
  • At least one lowercase character
  • At least one number or symbol
  • Passwords cannot be the same as the student's last 15 passwords and cannot contain their name

New students grades 6-12 will follow this same process.

Students grades 7-12 will use the same password as last school year.

Infinite Campus for Parents

Getting Logged-In

Parents have the unique ability to create their own username and passwords. Our MTSD staff and students use the Single Sign-On with their MTSD email credentials.

After completing registration, parents will receive an email providing instructions and a unique activation code to create an account. This code is non-transferrable!

Before the first day of school, any primary parent who has not created an account will receive a letter in the mail with instructions and a unique activation code to get started. 

Trouble accessing Infinite Campus?

If you need help with the parent portal please send an email to

Please be sure to include the following in your email.

  • Student Legal First Name and Last Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Primary Contact First Name and Last Name
  • Primary Contact Phone Number
  • Detailed description of the problem or issue

Quick Tips

Parent Resource for Envision

Forgot Your Password? Can't Access Apps?

On the login page:

  1. Enter your username.
  2. When asked for your password select "Forgot my password".
  3. Follow the prompts to reset your password.

* Grades 6-12 Only

* Must be setup prior to performing a password reset.

Getting Connected

Accessing the internet from a MTSD Device:

How to access Google Classroom from an iPad

  • Sign on to Clever first
    • By using your QR Badge or Login information (username and password)
    • Signing on to Clever using an iPad K-1-2: video
    • Open the Google Classroom app
  • The first time you and your child login to the Clever app and then open the Google Classroom on the iPad you may need to input your username and password a few times.

Virtual Learning Guidebook for Parents

Watch the Video for accessing Clever from an ipad